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Why use AusChemist Australia

Get access to millions of Australia products from anywhere in the world
AusChemist is a shopping platform built for international shoppers looking to buy goods from Australia. We have aggregated the the product catalogs from hundreds of Australia stores so you can access millions of products with just one checkout. Delivery is available to over 100 countries worldwide.



You can now buy products from Australia stores that do not ship internationally. How? Place an order on our website and we'll buy the items on your behalf and ship them to your international address. Our platform features millions of health and beauty, outdoors & fitness products from Australia. Can't find what you're looking for on our website? Get in touch and we'll personally source the item for you.

We value transparency as much as you do. We will always provide a breakdown of costs so you can see exactly how your order is calculated. No hidden fees – that's our promise!


Can't find what you're looking for?

If you want to buy something that is not on our website, please request a free quote by clicking the REQUEST A QUOTE button below. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Pricing is straightforward. Simply pay for your product, international shipping and our service fee to help you buy from Australia and ship to your international address.

Product Cost

What the Australia store  charges for your products. Depending on the store, domestic sales tax and domestic shipping may apply. 

International Shipping

What FedEx, DHL and Australia Post charge to transport your items from our Melbourne facility to your international address. Shipping costs are based on your location and the weight and dimensions of your items. All orders are fully trackable and include shipping insurance.

Service Fee

The service fee is based on the number of items in your order. If the total product cost is more than $200, the service fee is $50 for the first item and $15 for each additional item. If the total product cost is less than $200, the service fee is $30 for the first item and $15 for each additional item.